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Jul. 13th, 2005 @ 11:34 am Yankees
Batter Up
¿Feel'n Luck?: bitchybitchy
¿Wut u listen'n to?: Lose Control- Missy Elliot
hey all i havent been in this thang in a MINU?TE!

lemme add some pics n such and ay... check out my new site at XANGA... its got that hottness http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=Blu_Yank_575

me n my bestest furend KERI i miss u girl!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

me with my hair straightened

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

well now that thas over with... lemme fill u in on a bit.. hm.. i been busy doin some shit in orlando just got back and now i have a situation with my boy E and J wants to holla at me... i alwais get stuck in the middle but im jus not gunna let that shit get to me. Emmanuel's being a douche and Keri... MY DEAR FRIEND KERI... has (i beleive) replaced me with some nasty look'n popeyed ugly cheap weave wearing lunatic... i feel so alone. And right before i left orlando my cousin got mad at me and is still not over it! and i aint do shiiit!

and my brother... dear old love of my life TEEJAY!.. hes quite a character. lets just say if we were in the same state we would have some PROBLEMS!

well im out... it was nice talkin about my problems with SOMEONE! holla atcha girl

CC's ^
Feb. 9th, 2005 @ 04:28 pm Yankees
Batter Up
¿Feel'n Luck?: depresseddepressed
¿Wut u listen'n to?: A.D.I.D.A.S.
Community Revolution In Progress...
Kill a Blood win a prize,Kill a Crip ur whole family diez Let it rain, let it flood,Let a Crip kill a Blood Let it rain, let it drip,After we're done watch the slobs claim Crips Peace 2oO the Crips death to the dread,Lay Blu rose pedals across my death bed Let it rain, let it flood,Let a Crip kill a Blood , Ashes 2oO ashes Dust 2oO dust,In Crips we trust N on slobs we bust When I die show no pity bury me up in Crip city,Lay 6 blu flags across my chest Let me die and ley to rest and,Tell all fellow Crips I did my best....

Sticcy, Dicci, Toni, Cruzito, Marcc.. Madegal, NataTat.. Everyone I Send you my Love... Find dat P!ru n let em drip they favorite color!


Dec 13th '03

Feb 8th '05


... an to my brotha 6KANYE... BE CAREFUL


Jan. 16th, 2005 @ 08:26 pm Yankees
Batter Up
¿Feel'n Luck?: sadsad
¿Wut u listen'n to?: officially missing you-tamia
i wish i could have him
i wish he wanted me
i wish i could turn back
if only he could see
that life would be perfect
just me n him
yes life would be perfect.... just me
and MY MAN!
Jan. 10th, 2005 @ 05:41 pm Yankees
Batter Up
¿Feel'n Luck?: annoyedannoyed
¿Wut u listen'n to?: i gotta headache
yepp in my long sleeves...

found some new pics... lemme break it down for u...

Anthony aka Tony Mantana

G Baby... holla

Madeline doin da damn thang


all i gotta say for this week is DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA... oh lawd!

Jan. 6th, 2005 @ 08:47 pm Yankees
Batter Up
¿Feel'n Luck?: crappycrappy
¿Wut u listen'n to?: LETS GET BLOWN- snoop n pharell
yepp in my long sleeves...

i just figured out why somebodyi used to care about so much decided to drop our friendship... bcuz i wouldnt give him dap and apparently that embarrased him in front of his peoples... so i ask myself should i try to mend things and be his frien again... then i think well if he quick to end a firendship then it must not have been that important to him in the first place! w/e... i appologized and he still didnt care or buhleeve me... since when does being friends with someone take so much effort... and since when does everyone have control over there feelings like that? well.. when u read this i just wanna tell u that u did mean more to me then alomst any other relationship i had with anyone friends or no friends... since i know u wont let me open up as much as i want to and its only limited over the computer heres all i need to say... but i wish u could look into my eyes while i say it... bcuz then ull see wut i see...

well im gone



PSps ... my brother comes down on the estimated 18th of february... so get ready to partay peoples!
Jan. 6th, 2005 @ 12:30 pm Swing that bat!- Theres two dead Red Sox
Batter Up
¿Feel'n Luck?: blankblank
¿Wut u listen'n to?: SANTANA
YEPP in my long sleeves....

Schools back up :-\ oye. I have three englishes and three maths... so you can and only two of them are with my own class... all the rest are with either freshmen or juniors ugh!

I missed school today bcuz i got too damn high last night and slept through my alarm clock again so i told da momsta i didnt feel good.

I miss TJ... i miss MARVIN... and i miss travis.... i would miss mannie but i cant... its impossible... i DO wish he was here tho... or i was there... either, or.

I'm sos excited i cant wait till baseball season steps up... its gunna be off da chain.. i promised myself that this year i will go to yankee stadium and watch the yankees play the freekin red sox... so i can watch us win! =] hehe

For all you red sox out there... you cant say you're better just because u beat us in the playoffs... we beat you for the past 50 plus years!... one win doesnt make u champs! DAMN FOOT WARMERS! lol {keri... insiders}

aiight well im out... cnationc
Jan. 4th, 2005 @ 05:51 pm Yankees
Batter Up
¿Feel'n Luck?: highya nigga
¿Wut u listen'n to?: Okay (remix) Nivea Young Bloods

Ok well todai... actually still rite now.. i got blazed... cooked chicken and slept in a bed of four... overall.. i give this day a 9.5!

I got my new schedule for school and my new math teacher is like 12 yeas old! hes prolly still a virgin! wtf!its like saying to me, go into an empty classroom, put on a tie and youre officially a teacher!... wuteva!

Ive been having some more problems with u-know-who... its like thats all we are... i dont know! ugh... ive been tryna figue out how to get this damn journal the way i want it but no one seems to want to help... Oh WeLL! who cares...

I'm bout to head up to ny again cuz my gramms isnt doin too well.

well im bout to go smoke some more... its for the holidays!

Jan. 1st, 2005 @ 11:18 pm Yankees
Batter Up
¿Feel'n Luck?: annoyedannoyed
¿Wut u listen'n to?: number 11- jarule

today was good... i spent the night at julies house last night. so i didnt get much sleep... for some reason ive been having the WORST insomnia EVER!
im arguing with travs friend... he is a real entertainment forreally... and im explaining to emmanuel the differences between like in like love and in love... and im definately struggling... hes the only one... he has alwais been able to win battles!

well i gotta go now... HOLLA ATCHA GIRL cnationc
Dec. 31st, 2004 @ 04:39 pm Yankees
Batter Up
¿Feel'n Luck?: chipperchipper
¿Wut u listen'n to?: SHUT UP _commercial... haha!
yepp in my long sleeves...
Dec. 30th, 2004 @ 11:32 pm Yankees
Batter Up
¿Feel'n Luck?: cheerfulcheerful
¿Wut u listen'n to?: Suave Smoothe-What They Do
yepp in my long sleeves...

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